Smukfest: The Most Beautiful Festival

Presented by Smukfest

Smukfest is Denmark’s most atmospheric and magical of music festivals. Nestled in the wondrous woodlands of Skanderborg, it sets the midsummer stage for some of the most exciting musical performances from around the world. All the bars, shops and installations are made specifically for the festival and from 100% recyclable materials, creating an aesthetic that is special and inspired by creativity.

Smukfest has been a non-profit enterprise from day one – and the festival and all its activities are owned by Skanderborg Festival Club, whose members include more than 12,000 volunteers who give Smukfest its incredible participatory vibe. Any profit goes to secure the future of the festival, to support the Smukfonden (which helps relieve loneliness) and to run the local venue Walthers Musikcafé.

Smukfest presents over 150 performers each year – including world stars, such as Rihanna, Sting, Sia and the biggest Danish names. Smukfest supports the future of Danish music by presenting Live Camp, a three-day pre-festival introducing more than 20 of the best up and coming bands in Denmark.

9th - 13th August