Rock The Region

Presented by Musikforeningen MONO (Aarhus), Kulten (Skive), Scene 7 (Herning), Rytmisk Musik Holstebro og Kulisselageret (Horsens)

Rock The Region comes as close as it gets to the process where new talented bands and artists try to become entrenched in the big music business. We search the whole region for a pool of talent, select the best from different municipalities and go on tour so that everyone has a chance to meet the chosen musicians. Behind the scenes, they will go through an intense course, which will offer them a taster of the big music world. The course includes knowledge sharing, coaching, and meetings with selected record companies and managements. With a showcase that shall send the chosen artists off into their careers, the tour will finish off at SPOT Festival 2017.

It is Rock the Region’s aim to have a lasting imprint on local music environments by embedding them across the region within a strong network. Additionally, the project shall strengthen and produce new artists by means of cooperation. As the region’s largest city, Aarhus has a strong music network at its disposal. It is connected to the entrenched music business, and by participating in Rock the Region, musicians and the region’s local music environments have the possibility to come one step closer to it. 

Meet Rock the Region in the chosen cities and follow the whole process here

April and May

Various municipalities across the region the region