Equinox concert - Sydhavnen

Presented by TURA YA MOYA with Greenlandic and Nordic musicians

ANERSAAQ - Multimedia Concert Live music and projection art onto the historical silos in Sydhavnen.Presented by TURA YA MOYA with Greenlandic and Nordic musicians.

Greenlandic drum dance, Berlin bass, Aarhus trombone and Nordic guests live together with analogue projection art.

The musical trip follows the art container “ANERSAAQ” on its 12.000 km journey, from Berlin's back yard across Scandinavia to Qaanaaq and East Greenland to the South Harbour in Aarhus where anything can happen.

Own compositions and traditional Greenlandic and Scandinavian songs in new interpretation.

Extra travelled from East Greenland on the occasion of the concert is Greenlandic drummer Silbat Christensen Kuitse, who is a member of Tura Ya Moya since 2011.

THE DATE: Twice a year the whole planet has something in common: from Qaanaq to Cape Town, from Eyrarbakki to Wladiwostok - day and night are equally long. The travelling art container ANERSAAQ - Spirit of Place wants to celebrated this "community" with a concert.

FEATURING: Silbat Kuitse (drumdancer/voc.), Karen Thastum (clarinet/voc.), Udo Erdenreich (bass/jaw harp), Jens Balder (trombone) and guests.

Read about the installation in Sydhavnen here

22. September at 20:00