Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Presented by Musikhuset Aarhus

Music breaks down boundaries and brings people together, when Israeli star conductor, Daniel Barenboim, and the West- Eastern Divan Orchestra strive to overcome the conflicts of the Middle East and unite people through music. Daniel Barenboim, the world-renowned and provocative conductor who holds both Israeli and Palestinian citizenship, will visit the Musikhuset in the company of the exceptional West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, formed by musicians from all over the Middle East, Israel, Palestine and other countries.

Besides music, their project is about equality, cooperation, justice and the importance of listening to each other. About building bridges where others dig ditches. Under the baton of Barenboim and including the magical music of young Austrian cellist, Kian Soltani and the Russian viola player, Yuli Deyneko, the audience can look forward to a wide-ranging musical experience of the highest quality and an experience intense with musical meaning.

25th April

Musikhuset Aarhus