Concert-In-Stallation: Tree Of Souls

Presented by Concert-In-Stallation

An illuminated tree creates the centrepiece of the forest. Glowing in the dark. The branches hang down heavily over the stage with glowing lights entwined in the branches, reaching out into the dark. The tree almost seems alive, as if foreign creatures have moved in and given it magical expression.

At the root of the tree is a stage with musicians waiting to captivate the audience. Down from the trees descend acrobats, dancers – hanging in silk linens like beautiful caterpillars trying to form a cocoon so they can turn into gorgeous butterflies. Rapturous Nordic tunes, experimenting voices and soft melodies from the string section invite you deep in. Strong, expressive yet tender women’s voices linger in the back of your mind, seductive and surprising. Every phrase takes you into a new place.

The forest looks as if it transformed overnight and has become a foreign fairytale, as if the musicians and dancers were the elves and the forest their kingdom.

1st September

Havreballe Skov, Aarhus

Young people and adults