Concert-In-Stallation: ATMOSPHERE

Presented by Concert-In-Stallation

Concert-In-Stallation takes the concert audience on a journey to somewhere and something beyond the ordinary. Concert-In-Stallation fuses words, sounds, space and projections to join as a total immersion experience of expression and impression.

A black room lit by glowing ultraviolet stars creates a galaxy that plays upon the ceiling. This beautiful peaceful room makes you feel that you are walking through the cosmos, flying through the Milky Way. Dancers covered in graphic glowing body paint enter the room, floating organically in among the audience like atmospheric creatures. Sounds are ambient, huge, and captivatingly beautiful. This is striking, catchy music. 

While LIIMA plays melodic, grand indie-pop-rock, a painter slowly works his way through the room, painting small universes on the wall. An ongoing process, which turns the black room into a beautiful light-filled trip though the galaxy.

1st April

Radar, Aarhus