Presented by Choir 72 with Tina Dickow

The stage is set for a mega experience when the project Big is Beautiful presents a sensational concert featuring massed choirs singing with the fabulous and celebrated Danish singer, Tina Dickow, and her band. Arranged by accomplished musician and conductor, Jens Johansen, this assembly of singing will add texture and nuance to Dickow’s beautiful songs. Aarhus born, Dickow has gained a reputation as one of the greatest, most skilled and loved singer-songwriters in Denmark.

The Big is Beautiful concert presents a programme of Dickow’s greatest hits together with newly composed songs. Jens Johansen is renowned as a champion of rhythmic choir music in Denmark and the conductor of the great Danish choir, Vocal Line.

Buy tickets for the concert in Musikhuset Aarhus

Buy tickets for the concert in MCH Herning Kongrescenter 

1st April
2nd April

Musikhuset Aarhus
Herning Conference Center