Rebecca Louise Law: PRIDE

Part of Seven Deadly Sins
Presented by the Skovgaard Museum, Viborg

Pride is the worst sin among the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride is the opposite of humility. How would pride be portrayed today? That is the challenge for the British artist, Rebecca Louise Law, who works with real flowers in her elaborate installations.

The flowers slowly wilt and wither during the course of the exhibition. Playing on the concept of the 'vanitas', Law’s impressive floral installation reminds us that Pride comes before a fall. The decaying flowers comment on the passing of time, the definition of beauty, and on the ephemeral and momentary.

Law’s exhibition also presents nature in man-made frames, bringing nature into an artificial space, and the countryside into the city in a world that is rapidly removed from the environment. Her work provokes thoughts about a world increasingly virtual and polluted, with few places left untouched by humans. Law’s work will engage audiences and rethink our perception of Pride.

3rd February – 28th May

Skovgaard Museum, Viborg