European Encounters

Manors and Country Houses as European Cultural Heritage

Presented by Gammel Estrup - The Manor Museum

Noblemen, cattle breeders and money magnates lived and visited there. For centuries, owners of manor houses looked towards Europe, they travelled and brought European fashion, art and culture back home to their estates.

European encounters re-examines these historical European networks and museums, manors and country houses across the region as venues to present this unique cultural heritage. The manor and country houses in Jutland exhibit a historical diversity like few other places. From the modest half-timbered buildings in West Jutland to the towering spires of the Renaissance castles, manors houses have had a decisive influence on the cultural landscape.

In 2017 the Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies will highlight this unique architectural and cultural heritage from east to west coast. Carefully selected case studies will present manorial history through the centuries. At special events audiences are invited to experience, feel, smell and taste history come alive.

1st February – 31st December

Gammel Estrup, Norddjurs