RR2017 - Knowledge Festival

Presented by Aarhus University, Aarhus Cathedral and Folkeuniversitetet in Aarhus

On 31 October 1517, an angry young man from Wittenberg publicised 95 theses. The young man was Martin Luther, and his theses became the starting point for one of the greatest revolutions in European and Danish history – the Reformation. On the actual day of the 500th anniversary of Luther’s theses and the beginning of the Reformation, the anniversary is marked around Bispetorv in Aarhus with a knowledge festival that turns the square and the surrounding buildings into stages for new interpretations of the Reformation.

You can, for instance, attend a Historical Talk show with actor Bjarne Henriksen playing the part of Martin Luther. Or experience the installation by Hotel Pro Forma at Bispetorv. Or enjoy a concert and sing-along, take part in the researcher show Reformation Live, meet renowned artist Lucas de Man in De Man in Europe, or be inspired by thought-provoking conversations, talks and debates.

31st October

Bispetorv, Aarhus


On the day of the 500th anniversary of Luther's theses, the spirit of the Reformation will be brought to life in Aarhus' main square, Bispetorv (Bishop's Square)