Off Road Festival: The Closing Event - Break out!

Presented by the Cultural Collaboration in Central and West Jutland

In the culmination event of the cultural collaboration in the central region in which Aarhus is the Capital of Culture 2017, Skive will host Off Road Breakout. Now is the time to look at the horizon for a festive day with friends and family to get your spirits soaring after the dull and grim winter months. The venue is in the heart of Skive in XL’s unique warehouse complex with its raw look, which is perfectly fitted for a surprising and an unusual day. A day filled with fun and odd workshops, where it is possible for the public to taste the food of the future, listen to stories of the past, engage in discourse on beauty, involve in craft creation, and help create a wall of sin and much more queer happenings. To cap it all there’s a local restaurant, Limfjordens hus enticing the public with the delicious smell of fresh food, doughnut and coffee, serving in a lively and inspiring milieu. A fun, bizarre and a ludicrous day – something out of the ordinary.

6th May