Land of Wishes - Regional Children’s Opening

Presented by Aarhus 2017 and Municipalities

Children from across the Central Denmark Region, representing our 19 municipalities, take the audience on a playful dream journey in search of their very special and magical locations and landscapes. The series of special events, Land of Wishes, lifts the curtain on the European Capital of Culture on 20th of January 2017 to start creatively imagining our future. 

The children will create statements, visual installations and pieces of music in their very special Land of Wishes, in which the audience experiences Dream Trees, Stones of Wishes and Islands of Wishes, and many more inventions to be discovered around the region in cities, cultural institutions, or out in wondrous, mysterious nature. The different expressions, materials and local places will showcase the unbridled imagination and variety of children's creativity. 

Land of Wishes also has a unique song and dance, composed by celebrated musicians, Alberte Winding and Jan Rørdam, created from the children's desires and hopes that will welcome everyone to this magical year of culture.

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20th January

Various municipalities across the region