Festival of the Century – Europe 1950-2000

Presented by Folkeuniversitetet in Aarhus

Good evening Europe! In 2017 The Festival of the Century will turn back time to the previous millennium and take a critical, careful and compassionate look at Europe as it was in 1950-2000.

Technology was racing forward. It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Pill was invented, PCs could be found in every household and cellphones in every hand as the internet made the world smaller. During this 50-year period, men walk on the moon, women fight for their rights and hippies camp on islands. The youth rebellion takes root as migrant workers move in and the Iron Curtain divides populations and wealth.

In 1989 the fall of The Berlin Wall sparks a new era for Europe. The Festival of the Century will present more than 200 events over 10 days, outlining these five distruptive and fascinating decades. The festival is based in Aarhus, but events will be held in all of the Central Denmark Region.

Join a journey through half a century as we focus on the baby boom, rock 'n' roll, the oil crisis, military buildup, atomic protests, cold war, charter tourism, cloning, peace, punk and porn.

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