SPOR Festival 2017

An Aarhus 2017 Festival Event
Presented by SPOR Festival

From the 8th - 14th of May SPOR festival invites everyone to visit and take part in its universe of new experimental music and sound art. This year the festival is framed by the theme EPIPHANY, which explores the magic and mystery of the everyday. SPOR festival 2017 will conquer the spaces of the everyday and shed new light upon the habits and routines of the daily life.

Through this year's theme, the private and public spaces of the daily life will be staged and re-imagined, when concerts, performances and installations cause the everyday, as we know it, to disintegrate and resurrect as something completely new, subtle or even grotesque.

Experience the creation of new connections within the everyday life. Where the familiar is turned upside down. And dive into the wondrously extraordinary within the ordinary.

8th – 14th May

Various sites in Aarhus