Rethink Activism

Presented by Sager der Samler

A new positive movement of global activism is renewing society from the bottom up. People with a dream of a better world have already started by building little pieces of it themselves. Growing vegetables on rooftops, opening dumpster-diving cafés, creating entrepreneurial hubs in empty buildings, turning suburban streets into sustainability labs and creating online universities for refugees. They believe that things happen when we do something.

In 2017 activists from all over the world gather at a people’s festival in Aarhus. They present 100 examples of a re-thought world. Come along, join a movement of change and possibility. All are invited to be part of inventing, discussing and building new solutions to important problems. Explore a new democratic culture, where vigour and imagination are used to make dreams of a better world manifest as a reality in everyday life.

15th – 17th September

Sydhavnen, Aarhus