Nordic Language Festival!

Nordic Language Festival!

Presented by Nordic Language Coordination

4 days filled with language and culture from across the North

The Nordics are so rich. Rich in languages and identities. We celebrate this for four days, 18-21 September, at AROS and Godbanen in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017. We focus on how language can create communities and prejudices, how it can set new standards for the discussion on gender equality, and how it can be an inclusive – or exclusive force. We dig into linguistic enthusiasm and esthetical practices - across language, media, geography and genres. The audience is invited to meet authors, artists and experts. Come to “SKAM-kos”, taste the New Nordic Cuisine, test your understanding of the Nordic languages and meet the nominees for the Nordic Council’s Film and Literature awards. There will be a special program for schools.

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18th - 21nd September

ARoS, Aarhus