ANERSAAQ - spirit of place

Presented by TURA YA MOYA

Oliemøllernes Silos at Sydhavnen are the venue for a spectacular media installation and a live concert when the Danish / German / Greenlandic Art Group, Tura Ya Moya, investigate in the spirit of place: Aarhus, in the light of our Nordic and Greenlandic roots and colonial history.

The artistically research that also took place in 10 other Nordic locations will result in fabulous projections onto the old silos form dawn to 01:00 as well as a live concert and an exhibition in the Greenlandic house.

Tura Ya Moya led by Karen Thastum have specialised in site-specific partly analogue sound and light installations all over Europe and in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland). With the support of Nordic Culture Point, they transformed a 20-foot cargo container into an Art and projection laboratory enabling them to project images onto the existing environment in public spaces. 

Dividing their work into 12 'Chapters', ANERSAAQ has been visiting more than ten settlements and towns in the far North between 2016 - 17, inviting local children as well as local and international artists and musicians to take part in the installations on the trip. In Aarhus young people from Holme Skole takes part. Last stop was Qaqortoq the friendship town of Aarhus.

Welcome to Artistic storytelling in public spaces: from villages to settlements from artist to citizen / from Nordic and Greenlandic history to contemporary art. Under the headline “the great energy of the Nordic remote”

MUSIC: Silbat Kuitse (GL), Udo Erdenreich (D), Karen Thastum (DK), Jens Balder (DK) and guests
ART: Anders Sunna (S), Harald Bodøgaard (N), Jeanette Land Schou (DK/S), Julia Pars (GL), Maria Gradin (N), Karen Thastum (DK) Mia Lindehann (GL), Kristin Reynisdottir (IS)& works from young people in: Bodø, Finnsnes, Eyrarbakki, Selfoss, Hverargardi, Reykjavik, Kulusuk, Kuummiut, Tasiilaq, Nuuk, Qeqertarsuatsiatt, Arsuk, Pamiut, Qaanaaq, Qaqortoq and Holme skole Aarhus.

31. August – 27. October