2017 Sustainability Festival on Samsø

An Aarhus 2017 Festival Event
Presented by Samsø Energy Academy

It is celebrated as the community with no carbon footprint and has inspired and motivated people to look at ways to solve the world’s energy crisis. And now the idyllic island of Samsø invites you to its marvellous Sustainability Festival. It started with an electric car day and has now grown into a festival with thousands of visitors from near and far. Through exhibitions, presentations and produce stalls, the islanders show how they act sustainably, from showcasing the latest electric vehicles and bicycles to local permaculture and organic samples.

During the festival, the Samsø Award is given to outstanding exhibitors and projects lifting the visibility and awareness of the sustainability charter. The prize has been developed by the Energy Academy in cooperation with European partners. The Dutch city of Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture 2018, will carry forward the Samsø Award in 2018.

2nd - 5th June

Samsø Energy Academy, Samsø