The People's Feast

An Aarhus 2017 Festival Event
Presented by Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD) and Aarhus 2017

At The People’s Feast, we sit together and share a food experience that transcends the usual. The People's Feast aspires to become the largest dinner party in Danish history. At the same time, the event is one of the gastronomic highlights of 2017. As a culmination of European Region of Gastronomy 2017, the event celebrates the Danish dinner traditions and the good conversation across the table. At The Peoples Feast, we sit side by side with family, friends, fellow citizens, and maybe new acquaintances. We talk, we cheer, we discuss the food on our plates, and we taste.

The event is built around a shared experience and story; the classic Danish dinner party, but with a challenging twist; the table will be divided into 8 zones. Each zone will involve its guests in a different and complete experience evolving around food. The 8 zones are:

THE CATASTROPHIC MEAL – What are we going to eat in 2067?

FEED THE FUTURE – Knowledge at the table

AR-HARN THAI – A meal with fork and spoon

COOKING KIDZ – Food made by children

MOMIJI – Japanese celebration of the leaves changing colour 

THE GREEN EASTERN JUTLAND – Digital dinner across the North sea 

THE MYSTERY LINES – Consume and unravel the Nazcalines of Peru 

NUKIGA – My strength, New Greenlandic food 

A ticket for The People’s Feast include a minimum of two courses and a welcome drink. The ticket is bought for one kitchen, which you will sit at, the entire evening. The evening will be filled with cultural spots that will underpin the dinner, no matter what kitchen you choose to eat at, and thereby create a full experience.

NB. To give as many as possible the opportunity to eat their way through The Peoples Fest, the kitchens will be open during the daytime on September 1st at 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm and on September 2nd at 11.30 am – 4.00 pm. Read more at 

1st -2rd September

Tangkrogen, Aarhus