Lobster Days on the Island of Anholt

Part of European Region of Gastronomy 2017

Love the langoustine? Then this one’s for you! We imagine langoustines dancing merrily in the summer months at the bottom of the sea in the hope of being invited to dinner. When the langoustine is caught it knows the fact that it is something quite special. The quay is filled with people who are eager to own the langoustine. The langoustine is so beloved that nothing goes to waste. 'Lobster Days on the Island of Anholt' is a tribute to and celebration of this unique local food, the Danish langoustine, caught in the waters around Anholt.

The langoustines are cooked in the port’s restaurants in all sorts of ways and variations. To accompany your beloved langoustine there will be live music in the afternoon and evening. While you are there, learn to windsurf from the harbour beach; visit the coastal rescue service 'open house' witness the crab jousting competition, petanque lessons, storytelling from the old days and beer tasting; shop at various stalls with local produce, and enjoy the entertainment of the traditional ‘Chicken Droppings’ competition. An event for all the family, both young and old (and langoustines).

4th -6th July

Anholt Harbour,