Food Festival

An Aarhus 2017 Festival Event
Presented by Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD)

A festival for anyone interested in food - children with a sweet tooth, curious taste buds, prominent chefs from Denmark and abroad, producers, scientists and communicators – a popular gathering point for all foodies. The festival offers taste samples, workshops, live cooking, talks and everything between apples and pig snouts.

Food Festival is a celebration of Nordic food culture, but 2017 is also the year where the festival rethinks itself, opening its doors to the wonderful world of food. For the first time ever, all of the world’s food cultures, chefs and produce are invited to a food fusion on a massive scale. Food is boundless – and worth celebrating! This is why the festival invites its visitors to the new area, World of Food, where you can take a culinary trip through the world’s food cultures.

Among the many producers, chefs and events at the Food Festival, you will also find the Danish Championships in Hotdogs, where Denmark’s best hotdog makers and chefs go head to head in a breakneck competition about Denmark’s most prestigious and sought after hotdog award.

1st – 3rd September

Tangkrogen, Aarhus