Det Grønne Museum - Gl. Estrup

Part of European Region of Gastronomy 2017

Det Grønne Museum rethinks food history in Denmark to show that there has always been a close interactionbetween the Central Denmark Region and the rest of Europe.You are invited to study pastry, with a focus on Gert Sørensen’s impressive and imaginative works, relive the wartime, when nothing went to waste, re-examine the Harvest Festival and ask what happened to this festive event – then recreate it. 

Learn about the self-sufficient fireplace kitchen, discover meat from old Danish breeds and all kinds of historical produce, including apples, local commodities and Christmas food. This will be a year filled with great gastronomic experiences at Det Grønne Museum in the newly furnished experimental kitchen - MADENS HUS. The year-long programme of events ranges from exhibitions and interesting presentations to experimenting in the kitchen and much, much more.

Rethink the Art of Pastry
23rd February

Rethink Christmas Food

9th December

Gammel Estrup, Norddjurs