Urban Instigator

Presented by USE

Urban Instigator invites four architectural groups to Aarhus to create experimental interventions that challenge our perception of the built and evolving environment. The groups, from France, Iceland and the Netherlands, develop their projects in collaboration with local residents and provide a fresh look at Aarhus. The interventions will take place in Aarhus Central, Gellerup, Sydhavnen and Aarhus Ø – places that are highly relevant for the city’s future development.

The four groups have a unique perspective on participatory projects in public spaces and are specialists in creating thoughtful and innovative interventions whose inspiring aesthetics encourages play and reflection. Urban Instigator brings discussions about the development of Aarhus – which is going on all across the city - down to street level.

January and happening all year

Aarhus C, Gellerup,
Aarhus Ø, Sydhavn