My Playground

An Aarhus 2017 Commission
Presented by Gustin Landscape and Aarhus 2017

Danish children love to play, use their imagination, and feel all their senses come alive. And Danish parents allow children to run free and find their own way in playful environments.

From an early age, children learn to know, train and trust their bodies, which become fit to face their future lives. Aarhus 2017 has consulted with child play experts and architects to rethink the playground and create a new, moveable play environment that activates the body in a hyper-sensorial setting.

My Playground is an innovative and poetic answer to the playscape of the future. A place for everyone, where you will want to stop and explore, and where your curiosity will be rewarded. A place for casual meetings where the focus is on socializing. At My Playground you set your own limits, you trust your gut feeling and test yourself. You use your senses and let yourself feel your way in a dense fog and follow evocative sound images.

This is a place where you are an active participant in developing the abstract landscape. My Playground will kick-start the creativity of the joyful kid inside everyone. In 2017, My Playground will visit 4 Danish cities, Randers, Hadsten, Holstebro og Aarhus, from April to November. It’s free and it’s fun.

Aarhus: Thursday 30/3-2017, 14.00, Rådhusparken

Randers: Saturday 17/6-2017, 12.00, Jens Otto Kraghs Plads

Hadsten: Thursday 3/8-2017, 14.00 Sløjfen

Holstebro: Thursday 5/10-2017, 14.00 Slagteriet 

Various municipalities across the region


Supported by Nordea-fonden