Architecture & Landscape as Character

Presented by Aarhus Architecture Festival and Copenhagen Architecture Festival

For 11 days in April and May, the Aarhus Festival of Architecture is going to examine how architecture impacts on our life and the world we live in – and how our life and world influence architecture. The aim is to broaden our understanding of what architecture really is and can do: to display that architecture is more than bricks, rooms or surroundings; it is a sensual, physical, social, political and human dimension, which sinks into every aspect of our existence. In 2017, the headline reads ‘Architecture and Landscape as Character’, which manifests itself among other things in a two-day conference with local and international personalities, in a public programme including 11 days of film presentations, walks, bike rides, exhibitions, debates and celebrations as well as in an intense 10-day summer school in July, which focuses on film, architecture and the landscape’s local quality.

27th April – 7th May and July

Various sites in Aarhus and across the region