Exhibition: Wasteland

What if waste was perceived as the greatest untapped resource and played a crucial role in the development of new buildings?

That’s the thorough subject of the acclaimed Wasteland-exhibition, which will be displayed at The Dome of Visions in Aarhus as a part of Rising Architecture Week 2017.

Wasteland is curated by Danish architecture firm Lendager Group, and it’s an architectural response towards the growing problems of population, climate, and urban migration. The exhibits shown in Wasteland are filled with raw materials, processes, experiments and methods that presents the opportunities of upcycling waste in architecture. And with more than 11.74 tons of waste produced in Denmark alone, the subject could not be more relevant.

The exhibition is funded by Realdania, supported by Central Denmark Region, Municipality of Aarhus and The Architecture Project, and it is a part of Rising Architecture Week 2017.

12th september - 9th October

Dome of Visions