A Path towards the Sensual City

Non-Oppressive Design, a path towards the Sensual City

Jacques Ferrier's exhibition 'A Path towards the Sensual City' in Aarhus 2017 manifests the conviction that the situation today - over and above the vicissitudes of the multiple global crises - offers a real opportunity for creators to go beyond regressive extremism. In a global urban world, it’s time to change our way to conceive and produce new architectural situations and re-think our relationship with technology. We need to move towards a non-oppressive design, one that will reveal new ways of living together in the city of tomorrow.

Official opening event: 12th September at 5 pm.

The exhibition is a part of Rising Architecture Week 2017 and European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

With the support of Institut français du Danemark and Kvadrat.

9th - 24th September

Dokk1, Aarhus