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Whether it is to daze off at the beach on a sunny day, meditate with a fishing rod in your hand, or wander off with the wind in your back, Odder coast is the perfect place.

The candy-like striped lifeguard tower at Saksild beach was previously called one of the most child-friendly beach on the east coast. Along the coast, there are small charming towns with cosy restaurants, marinas and ferry tours available to the islands Tunø and Samsø.

Odder offers long unspoiled coastlines, agriculture and a calm and quiet environment.

Time stands still at Alrø
You experience it when you drive over the dam, the only way to the island. Here you have a clear view over the fjord to both sides, over the fields that spread out through the landscape. The road meanders in the flat landscape, passing the timber houses with the water as their closes neighbour. When standing on the edge of the island, you might feel like you are at the end of the world. In the summertime, you can cross the fjord to Snaptun with a small bicycle ferry. At Alrø island there are several places to eat, offering traditional Danish dishes. If you have never eaten in a pigpen this is your chance!

A little island in Kattegat
If you have not experienced real island culture before, Tunø is the right place for it. The only time busy is when the ferry sets in the harbour, loading and unloading the ferry, new people arriving and exchanging news. Shortly after everything becomes peaceful and quiet again.

Around the island lies a 7 kilometre-hiking trail, it takes around 3 hours to hike through it. You will walk through astonishing nature, grasslands, forests, marshes and beaches. The island has rich bird life and sometimes you can see seals and porpoises when hiking the trail.

Just a couple of steps from the harbour, the city is located with a cosy village pond, houses and everyday life. You can find Denmark’s smallest school, a grocery store and a church tower, which also serves as a lighthouse and an eating-place.

The taste of Norsminde
Between the fjord and the sea, Norsminde is located. It is filled with marine atmosphere, at the harbour, you will find old fishing boats and you can buy good meatballs in the small fishing house. The old pub dates back to 1693 with a long and interesting history. In the summertime, the gallery in the basement of the pub is used to display artwork from local artists.

Odder Municipality is part of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

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