Media mentions

Below an overview of selected international media mentions of Aarhus, Central Denmark Region and the Capital of Culture.

Latest mentions

12 October, New York Times: 36 hours in Aarhus, Denmark. 

12 October, ZDF: Städtertrip Nach Aarhus

5 October, Huffington Post (DE): Aarhus - Stadt in Aufbruchstimmung

25 September, Archionline: L'architecture à Aarhus, capitale européenne de la culture

September, Arte: Metropolenreport Aarhus -Kulturhauptstadt 2017 und Modell für die Zukunft? 

6 September, The Guardian: What makes a creative city?

July, Deutsche Welle: Zu Gast im dänischen Aarhus  

28 July, ZDF: Aarhus - "Let's rethink" für die Zukunft

4 June, The Guardian (The Observer), Røde Orm review – the greatest saga ever told


February/March, National Geographic: Smart Cities, Aarhus, Denmark

February, Air France Magazine: Heureux qui comme Aarhus

10 Februar, Valor Economico (kræver abonnement): Diversidade, democracia e sustentabilidade

4 February, The Guardian: Aarhus, Denmark: what to see, plus the best restaurants, bars and hotels

31 January, Regenbogen in der Kulturhauptstadt

30 January, London Evening Standard: Tricky balancing act for Danes hints at Europe’s tension, writes Rashid Razaq

27 January: The Huffington Post: Ten Things to Experience in Europe’s Capital of Culture 2017

24 January,

24 January, El Pais: Bicis gratis en Aarhus

22 January, ARD: "Let’s rethink" – Die dänische Stadt Aarhus eröffnet ihr Kulturhauptstadtjahr

22 January, Spiegel Online: Kulturhauptstadt Aarhus mit Lightshow eröffnet

21 January, ZDF: Aarhus, Eine Perle im Norden

20 January, Deutsche Welle: Aussichtsreich: Die Kulturhauptstadt Aarhus

16 January, The Telegraph: Is Aarhus Europe's most underrated city break?

13 January, Aarhus: A guide to 2017's European Capital of Culture

10 January,

10 January, La Republicca: Da Aarhus a Copenhagen, il 2017 in Danimarca

9 January, NZ News, Yahoo:

8 January, Newsweek:

7 January, The Guardian:

7 January, Oman Observer:

6 January, Evening Standard:

5 January, Momondo:

31 December,

30 December, Vogue:

29 December, El Pais:

27 December,

27 December,

26 December, The Independent:

21 December, The Independent:

19 December, La Republicca: Aarhus, c'è vita in Danimarca

12 December, The Independent:

6 December, National Geographic,

1 December, National Geographic Traveller, UK: The Cool List: 17 for 2017

18 November, New York Times: At a Danish Street Market, Flaeskesteg and Tacos

Forbes Magasine: The 20 Best Things to Do in Aarhus, Denmark, the 2017 European Capital of Culture

The New York Times: 52 places to go in 2016

Lonely Planet: Best in Europe

Lonely Planet: A flavour of the world’s tastiest destinations

The Guardian: Aarhus, Denmark, a northern star Everything you need to know about Europe's Capital of Culture for 2017

Vogue: How to Do Spring Break Like a Grown-Up: 5 Incredible Destinations

Travel and Leisure: Move Over, Copenhagen: In Denmark, It’s All About Aarhaus

The Independent: Jutland's battle for cultural cachet

Monocle Magazine: Dock Star - Aarhus

Mail on Sunday: Oh happy Danes!

China Economic Net: Denmark's second largest city unveils programs as European cultural capital in 2017

The Art Newspaper: New triennial in Aarhus to include outdoor art along four kilometre-coastline

Travel Daily News: Cultural capital Aarhus 2017 says hello to London

Evening Standard: 10 reasons why you should visit Aarhus in Denmark in 2016

Budgettraveller: 40 pictures that will make you want to visit Aarhus

The Local Denmark: Why Aarhus is worthy of all the hype 

Scandinavia on my mind: Shiny happy people

Bournemouth Echo: Travel: Food, art and culture, why Aarhus is not to be missed

Passenger 6A: Aarhus, for those who think twice What's new in Europe in 2017

FOCUS Online: Wikinger und nordische Küche: Aarhus wird Kulturhauptstadt Der Countdown für die Kulturhauptstadt Europas Aarhus 2017 beginnt

N-TV: Kulturhauptstadt 2017: Aarhus will aus Kopenhagens Schatten

Hindustan Times: Top destinations for a European holiday that ain’t Paris, London or Rome

Le Monde: Les cinq tendances fortes du tourisme pour 2016

Le Monde: Aarhus, un balcon sur la mer 5 raisons de visiter Aarhus, Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2017

Au Gout d'Emma: Roadtrip au Danemark: Aarhus, capitale culturelle du Jutland

Guida Viaggi: Aarhus: Capitale europea della Cultura 2017

Eventi News 24: Aarhus: Capitale Europea della Cultura 2017 e Regione Europea della Gastronomia 2017

Latitudinex Blog: Aarhus tra cultura e gastronomia

Telemetro: Los 20 lugares del mundo que hay que visitar este 2016 Aarhus, nueva capital cultural europea 

Los Tiempos Bolivia: AARHUS, Nueva capital cultural europea

TV2 Norge: Derfor blir Aarhus Europas neste kulturhovedstad 

Nye Reiselivsavisen: Aarhus-Europas kulturhovedstad neste år

Urbania Magasin: Guide til gourmet- og kulturbyen Århus

Aftenposten: Aarhus: Byen som har alt for barnefamilier

Aftenposten: Aarhus er kanskje verdens minste storby