Livestream - Hypotheticals

We love innovation and revolt, we cherish all the rebels and the people who "break the limits" and "think outside of the box". At the same time, we are astounded when things ACTUALLY do change.

We have invited national and international thinkers to examine the theme "Revolution and Evolution", and discuss what real change is, and where it should stem from.
Join in when Margrethe Vestager, Lone Frank, Vincent F. Hendrick, Lina Ben Mhenni and many others take the stage at Aarhus Theatre. The day is moderated by Clement Kjersgaard.


Follow along via livestream on Monday 27th November from 14:00 - 20:00.

If the livestream below doesn't play, try this link instead (opens in a new window):

Watch the entire Hypothetical #2 and #3 and highlights from Hypothetical #1 below.

Hypothetical #1 - highlights