Special Event
Presented by Hay Festival and Aarhus 2017 i collaboration with DR - Danish Broadcasting Association

On 13. March the writing contest 500 WORDS was launched. Up until deadline on 1. May, children and young people have written great stories with a maximum length of 500 words - in school, at the library and at home. The result and interest was immense, and DR - Danish Broadcasting Association has received 4.177 stories from children and young people all over Denmark.

A jury has selected the 10 best stories in each age category - ages 8-12 and 13-16. The guiding theme for the stories is 'journey', and the 20 nominees includes fantastic journeys to faraway places, travels underwater, time travels and more serious themes about coming of age, journeys of death and mysterious travels in dreams. There was a strong competition for the 20 nominee positions, and the selection process was not easy.

The winner in each age category will be revealed Saturday 28th October at 10:00, where Micki Cheng will host. Both will have a story published at the publishing house Gyldendal, illustrated by a professional illustrator. 

Learn all about 500 WORDS here.