Reporting and Accounting

Financial statement and reporting

Information on reporting and financial statements
On this site, you will find information on the ongoing financial statement and reporting and on the closing financial statement and the final reporting.

In the grant notification letter, the specific guidelines for your project are stated. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are reporting the financial statement in accordance with these guidelines.

Budget and financial statement
It applies to all projects that both the budget and the financial statement must include a number of fixed items that can be found here.

It is necessary to use this template as a basis, to ensure that the budget and the financial statement are comparable. Furthermore, we need to use this information in the monitoring and the following evaluation, therefore there has to be consistency in the reporting.

Progress report/midterm reporting
To ensure the consistency in the reporting, you have to submit with the financial statement, we have developed a template to the progress report that can be found here.

Closing financial statement and reporting
When the project is closed, you have to submit the financial statement that must be in accordance with the guidelines in your grant notification letter and the templates mentioned above. Aarhus 2017 does not require any additional information from the projects. In the beginning of 2017, we will inform you about the final reporting.

Information for municipal project owners for settlement of municipal VAT
Of the funding Aarhus 2017 received in 2017, a total of 24,71% came from private organisations.

Total Non VAT funding to Aarhus 2017: 184,243,486.27 
Public funding: 138,713,802.22 
Private funding: 45,529,684.05 

You are always welcome to contact us. If you have any questions regarding the financial statement and reporting, please contact Line Sheridan on or by phone on +45 2017 0094.