Programme text
If you want to change or add to your programme description, please contact Signe Nydam Jensen through

If you want to create an event in the calendar, please send in the event text in Danish, English and if possible, German. As well, a picture (see minimum requirements below), information about where and when the event will occur along with the entry fee and a contact person to Signe Nydam Jensen:

Guidelines for submission of image, sound and video material
For an example: press photos, portrait photos, photos of prototypes, illustrations, photos from samples, events or activities. We ask you to send in 3-5 pictures that illustrate the project, or a part of it. The pictures will be used in Aarhus 2017s programme and marketing material, such as flyers, posters, website, social media, presentations, etc. You can also send in pictures of artists, the project team, the production team or something alike.

Minimum requirement
- Minimum 300 dpi and 2 MB for print
- Minimum 72 dpi for web/social media
- Pictures should be clean, without added text
- Pictures should be a mixture of landscape and portrait

How do I send in the files?
1. Go to
2. Add your files by clicking on 'add files' (up to 2GB possible)
3. In 'Friends e-mail' write
4. Write your own e-mail address in 'your e-mail' and write the name of your project in message
5. Click Transfer to send

Minimum requirements for videos
- Hi- resolution
- Quicktime film format or MP4-video

You need to provide information on who should be credited for each image, audio, or video file. Rights Projects are responsible for ensuring that Aarhus 2017 can freely use the image, audio and video content without having to get special rights for it. Please note that Aarhus 2017 reserves the right to edit the final text and images