Insurance Liability

As project owner it is your responsibility to ensure the compulsory and necessary insurances for your organization and your project, including the statutory worker’s injury insurance, a liability insurance and other potential insurances that may apply to company type as well as the nature, complexity and size of your project.

If you are not sure if all the relevant insurances are in place, we recommend that you contact your/an insurance company or a relevant counselor as soon as possible.

In this connection we also kindly remind you to carry out an assessment of the need for any potential statutory and appropriate security measures for your project to achieve the highest possible level of safety for your employees, participants, audience and potential volunteers.

We also refer to our mail on insurance and liability that was sent out to all project owners during the fall of 2016.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact our Legal Officer:
Bjarne Skovsborg Hansen
Phone: +45 4185 8185