Audience counting

Audience counting

On this website, we will guide you through how to count an audience. We recommend that you read the sections below before your activities take place. 

All projects will be asked to report audience numbers at all audience-oriented activities held in 2017. When you have finished all activities in 2017, you will receive a monitoring questionnaire related to the full project. Also, you have to remember to submit the financial statement and reporting when the time comes.

Download Best Practice Guide to audience counting here and read below.

Who to count?
Read more on how Aarhus 2017 defines audience-oriented activities.

We have developed guidelines on what we see as “audience” – who to count and who not to count.

The figures we receive from you will primarily be used for evaluation. They may also be included in our communication, but individual figures for a project will not be published without prior dialogue with the project owner.

What you have to do when reporting audience numbers
When you have finished an audience-oriented activity, you will receive an e-mail. If you do not receive the reporting information or have any problems during the process, please feel free to contact us. In that case, we shall find a way to carry out the audience counting that fits your needs.

Best Practice Guide to audience counting
The Aarhus 2017 Secretariat has developed a best practice guide to audience counting to support you with counting the audience. You can download the full guide here or you can follow the guide below and find the method we recommend for your activity.

Ticket sales – see guide here.

If you have a different way of registering the full audience – see guide here.

If it is impossible to register the full audience – see guide here.

For festivals, exhibitions, etc.
Some types of activities have characteristics that differ from other projects, and therefore the audience counting is handled somewhat differently by these activities.

Events that last for several days, like festivals, exhibitions, shows etc. will only be reporting one figure when all activities have finished, unless otherwise agreed with Aarhus 2017.

If possible, an exhibition site that has other exhibitions simultaneously with the exhibition funded by Aarhus 2017, is only going to count the audience visiting the Aarhus 2017 exhibition. If it is not possible to isolate the audience visiting the Aarhus 2017 exhibition from the remaining audience, you report the total audience and state that you have reported the total audience.

You are always welcome to contact us. If you have any questions regarding the audience counting, please contact monitoring manager Brian Ebbesen on or by phone on 4185 7024.