Fall break with Aarhus 2017 - Families and children

The fall break is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many exciting events for families and children below:

My Playground - Holstebro Until Nov. 26 
My Playground is an innovative and poetic answer to the playscape of the future. A place for everyone, where you will want to stop and explore, and where your curiosity will be rewarded. A place for casual meetings where the focus is on socializing. At My Playground you set your own limits, you trust your gut feeling and test yourself. As a part of My Playground, there will be a skatecamp thursday and friday in week 42. 

Connecting: Creative Workshop for Children  Oct. 17 - Oct. 19 
Creative workshop with inspiration from the project "My Way". For children ages 7-13. 

Kawaii Epikku - The biggest mange animé exhibition in Northern Europe Until Oct. 20 
Viborg Manga and Anime Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience the true richness and diversity of Manga – from the cutest of cute, to epic explosions and Armageddon-like battlegrounds

Andy Holden - Laws of Motion in a cartoon landscape  Until Oct. 20 
Andy Holden uses cartoons to present a very different way of looking at art and the world we live in. Part-lecture, part-documentary, part-conspiracy theory, Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape examines the formation of ‘laws’ within cartoons as a way of making sense of the world we live in.

Four ways to approach Norddjurs: Sea, limestone, soil and the market townUntil Dec. 30  
The exhibitions tell the history of the northern part of Djursland over the past 10,000 years. It is the exciting story of life on the edge of the ocean, with its ever-present and everchanging history of human interaction with this very special place of nature and natural resources. It is also the story of the people who have ancient roots in this unique part of Denmark. 

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.