Fall break with Aarhus 2017 - around the region

The fall break is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many exciting events around the region below:

Natural Food from the Forest and Sea On Oct. 21st
Surrounded by the sea, magical forests and a historic castle the village Gjerrild is particularly rich in wildlife, sources of inspiration and good stories. At Hotel Gjerrild Kro we want to share these riches, through an evening focusing on how generations have used nature's treasures to create a "natural " good meal for the resort's guests. 

Sculpture City Selde Until Dec. 17 
In 2017, Sculpture City Selde will be inhabited by video artists, who will use the town and its residents as material for video productions. The artists’ work will be installed in public spaces in different ways, e.g. as a projection onto a building wall, buried in the ground and covered in glass, projected up into a window of a private home or at Dagli’ Brugsen, onto the church, at the old people’s home, in the school

Life at the Fjord Until Dec 31. 
A major exhibition, Life at the Fjord, will provide a spectacular reinterpretation of ancient history in the area around Randers Fjord. The exhibition looks at ancient times with brand new eyes and is aimed at anyone who would like a different encounter with their ancestors. 

The Good Madness: To be beautiful gypsy Until Oct. 20
This exhibition shows humane beauty in vulnerable Hungarian Romanies’ everyday life. The photos were taken by Hungarian art photographer Tamás Schild. In 2008, he won the first prize in the Press Photo Art category.

The Sleepover - The Common Guild Until Nov. 26
The third and last exhibition in ‘The Sleepover’ is by the Glasgow-based visual arts organisation, The Common Guild, and is part of Aarhus 2017. Following a residency at Viborg Kunsthal in 2016, The Common Guild presents an ambitious solo exhibition by Glasgow-based artist Michael Stumpf

Young Glass Until Oct. 29 
The exhibition ‘Young Glass’ is designed to profile young talent and innovators working with contemporary glass processes. The exhibition features work created by a young generation of artists, under 35, from all over the world.

Dishounourable Nightmen in Denmark Until Oct. 20
Not all are equal in Denmark! This fact resulted in many tragic fates, but also in a very special minority culture, which we explore in this groundbreaking and historically confrontational exhibition. To be excluded from society has been part of human culture for centuries.

Rethink The Agricultural History Until Nov. 12 
This special exhibition examines the agricultural history and rural culture in the Central Denmark Region in a wider European context. New and old stories about agriculture across the region and Europe will be presented to show how Danish agriculture has been influenced by similar cultures abroad,

Experience this all fall:

Image Storm: Blasphemy, Gender and Otherness Until Dec. 30
Images can provoke, challenge taboos, be censored – and images can be destroyed. This is called Iconoclasm. Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Image Storm will examine how and why certain images were outlawed, destroyed or made taboo because of their religious, political, sexual or ethnic content

Four ways to approach Norddjurs: Sea, limestone, soil and the market townUntil Dec. 30  
The exhibitions tell the history of the northern part of Djursland over the past 10,000 years. It is the exciting story of life on the edge of the ocean, with its ever-present and everchanging history of human interaction with this very special place of nature and natural resources. It is also the story of the people who have ancient roots in this unique part of Denmark. 

Nathan Coley: THE SAME FOR EVERYONE Until Dec. 31
Acclaimed Scottish artist, Nathan Coley, has devised a series of illuminated text works. These ‘fairy light attractions’ will link the entire region, spreading from the west to east coasts at a number of key locations selected for their specific context and meaning. 

Callum Morton: Sisyphus Until Dec. 31 
Internationally acclaimed artist, Callum Morton, devises a sculptural commission for the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad that draws on its rich history as a health facility, a refugee camp and a bunkered site of Nazi occupation.

Gammel Estrup – The Manor House Museum Until Dec. 23
All throughout 2017, the permanent exhibitions at Gammel Estrup - The Manor Museum are open to the public, illustrating the lives at the Danish manors and their international relations. 

Where there is a will Until Dec. 31. 
On the day before Christmas 1949, Carl August Lorentzen escaped from his prison cell by crawling through an 18m tunnel, which had taken him nearly a year to dig. In this exhibition, Horsens Museum presents a reconstruction of FÆNGSLET’s best known and most spectacular escape. 

When threads are tied  Until Dec. 17. 
In 1638, when Christian Rantzau established a sheep farm northeast of Sunds, near Herning, the local production of quality wool really commenced. His property, named Skåphus (after the German word for sheep – Schafe), stood on more than 3000 acres of land. Already in 1639, large quantities of wool, from both Skåphus and the German estate of Breitenburg, were delivered to Herningsholm, which enabled the local peasants to knit socks and gloves

Reformation Jubilee 2017 Until Dec. 23. 
When the Reformation was adopted in Denmark it led to profound changes in the Danish society. The nobility manifested itself as the country's undisputed economic and political elite. At the manor Gammel Estrup the most distinguished owner of the era was Eske Brock, one of the most influential and wealthiest noblemen of the Renaissance, who extended and converted the old fashioned manor into a magnificent country house. 

FACE  Until Dec. 22. 
FACE poses the question: what makes the ‘sleeping’ body’s face so interesting? Indeed, what is it about faces in general that we find so intriguing, or attractive? What can faces tell us about the world, about time, and about ourselves? The ‘face’ houses our senses; it absorbs impressions of the world, and in turn expresses something about its bearer. 

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.