Film and Animation

The Dissidents

Presented by Central Denmark Region and Aarhus 2017
Produced by Munch Brand Consultancy
Directed by Jeppe Rønde

Why be a dissident in Europe today? What is the future of Europe? Will the tipping points of the refugee crisis, civil wars and economic disparity mean the end of the European Union dream? These are some of the questions that seek answers in the ground-breaking film project The Dissidents, led by director Jeppe Rønde.

Short films, from various European Union countries, offer portraits of those prepared to be at odds with the policies and directives of their governments. Each Dissident is viewed through the lens of a film director from their own place. Using the backdrop of the historic Ventotene Manifesto, which dreamt of a Europe united, we ask each of the Dissidents to reflect upon their vision for a unified Europe, and provide a contemporary interpretation of the Manifesto’s relevance.

Aarhus 2017 and the Central Denmark Region present THE BIG LITTLE FILM FESTIVAL, a weekend of films from talented international and local filmmakers showcasing storytelling, documentary, animation, commercial communication and experimentation. The festival is a rolling programme of short formats telling some of the unique stories of place, examine Danish DNA in satirical fashion, demonstrate aesthetics of difference and methodologies of approach.

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Date & Location

8000 Aarhus C
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'O' Space
Mindet 6
8000 Aarhus C
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Peter Munch Andersen
Phone: 4026 5599