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Reflections - det turkise telt and Kunsthal Aarhus

det turkise telt and Kunsthal Aarhus presents Reflections – an exclusive own production.

As a part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 finale, det turkise telt has invited three widely different artists to craft new music together. The internationally acknowledged electropop-duo Blue Foundation, multi-instrumentalists and composers Orhan Özgür Turan and Maher Mahmoud and a selection of singers from the choir NordSang will through three days of production prior to the 9th of December, unify their musical characters and create the sound of Reflections.

Reflections is about the intersections of music, traditions and people. We are mirrored in our city, in our surroundings and reflect the communities we are a part of. With Reflections we celebrate this meeting, and experiment with the possibilities of the concert.

On this evening Kunsthal Aarhus will be divided into three different stages. Each of them centered around one of the three musical sources. The unified sound however, will be present wherever one choses to experience the concert from. This invites the audience to explore and move about in the different corners of the soundscape, while constantly being in the midst of the whole.

Swing by Kunsthal Aarhus for either the first or the second playthrough of this exclusive concert, and take part in a total-concert, a musical journey and a unique evening.

The concert has free entrance.

Artist and venue information:

Blue Foundation: Blue Foundation consists of Tobias Wilner and Bo Rande and is an internationally acknowledged name that moves between electronic expressions, dream pop and shoegaze. Blue Foundation are much acclaimed for their sure touch and impressing range and they have, with several side projects, already explored many corners of their musical world before December 9th. They stand as an ambitious and exciting match with the sound of Middle Eastern string instruments and the strong vocals of the choir.

Orhan Özgür Turan and Maher Mahmoud: Orhan and Maher both have a strong connection to Aarhus and are not only some of the Nordic countries’ best oud and baglama/saz-players but also incredibly strong representatives of the Middle Eastern and Analotian musical traditions. Together they embrace an impressing line of projects and collaborations. In December, they will not only contribute musical experience and creativity as musicians, but also as composers.

NordSang Choir: The girl choir NordSang was formed in Aarhus in 2015, but they do not lack experience. With the talented choir leader Freja Nørager as head of the choir, they master both classical and rhythmic singing, a cappella and singing by accompaniment, and they have sung at concerts both at home and abroad. This evening a part of the choir will be found between the electronic sound surfaces and string instruments’ fast and characteristic melodious lines.

Kunsthal Aarhus: As one of the oldest art galleries in Denmark, Kunsthal Aarhus has a long history of presenting contemporary art on an international level. The modern art gallery is not afraid of experimenting and collaborating. As late as in the summer 2017 they provided a total installation for Roskilde Festival. With Kunsthal Aarhus’ barrier seeking and cross-disciplinary approach to art, its dynamic settings form a perfect platform for Det Turkise Telt's Reflections.

Reflections is part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 finale.

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Date & Location

8000 Aarhus C
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Kunsthal Aarhus
J. M. Mørks Gade 13
8000 Aarhus C
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Thomas Beyer
Phone: 60210811