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We Believe

Presented by Hidden Places

World premiere of an interactive Playable City project by artist Tine Bech

"We Believe" is an interactive light installation or a Playable interacive art project that spans over two cities Aarhus and We believe is an interactive light installation that spans two cities – Aarhus and London. From the control room, audiences will be able to literally play with all the light placed specifically on the two buildings, thereby creating a 3D playable framework where citizens can interact.

"We Believe" is related to the concept of "Playable City", which in recent years has been used in such diverse cities like Recife (Brazil), Bristol (England), Lagos (Nigeria) and Tokyo (Japan). Many of the projects is being developed by digital artists, as well as "We Believe", developed by the Aarhus born artist Tine Bech, who resides in London.

The project aims to place the humans at the center of our interactions with urban space. The control room and the audience’s interaction are, therefore, at the center of the project that and the lighting on the two notable buildings which results in a dynamic lighting on the two significant buildings.

"We Believe" put questions to concepts such as democracy, citizen involvement and control of public space. But who controls the public spaces, and what will our future cities and public spaces be like? Will they allow 'playful participation’ – quirky, imaginative behavior and flexibility - and thereby become spaces that allow mistakes and the unexpected? Or are we developing smart cities, with visions of efficiency and safety above all?

A control room is loaded with notions of power, but they are often unnoticed places, or places to which few have access. In this case, it is people who gets access. To gain access to the rooftop at Karolinegården and thus the control room, there must used code or intercom. Users will therefore be guided up to the terrace. Karolinegårdens roof terrace is the place where citizens are given special access to the trusted control room from which they can control, play and change light on the the two distinctive buildings fronts - City Hall and the embassy - that will appear as the game's user interface.

Sign up here: https://skjultesteder.nemtilmeld.dk/19/

Welcome to "We Believe" and a playful city!

Time: 10 - 19. november kl. 17.00 – 22.00
Place: Karolinegården, Skt. Nicolaus Gade 3 

Date & Location

8000 Aarhus C
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Sankt Nicolaus Gade 3
8000 Aarhus C
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Annette Damgaard
Phone: 60641816
E-Mail: a.dam@suu.dk
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