Let's Rethink

In 2008, Aarhus Municipality initiated a process towards the title of European Capital of Culture. The process involved thousands of people from 2008 to 2010 and showed that we are facing a number of challenges at different levels. Society is facing challenges of climate change, social exclusion and economic crisis.

Our culture is changing - for example the way we interact due to new social media. Our business sector faces challenges from global competition. Individuals are facing challenges too – in their work, education and family – because of changing living patterns. The consultation process made it clear that we need new solutions to our common challenges – we need to rethink.

Everyone is invited
Aarhus 2017 accepts the challenge. Aarhus 2017 is a movement and we invite everyone to take part in creating change through art and culture; in strengthening the identity of our region; in building, experiencing and participating in high-quality cultural events that will leave behind a meaningful legacy; in changing the rules of the game.

The complexity of the challenges calls for new approaches: Let’s Rethink is much more than a theme – it is a mindset for change, innovation and courage, a progressive way of thinking and acting smarter. With the aim of creating sustainable solutions, we will search for new practices, new ways of forming partnerships, new business models and new concepts of growth.