Free concerts in Aarhus

At 6 pm, the show on the harbor will finish and the audience can turn around and participate in the party going on all around the center of Aarhus. Many both well-known and brand-new venues open their doors to almost 100 free concerts with Danish and international bands. In a tribute to the musical DNA of Aarhus, local artists collaborate with international artists and the growth layer will be playing side by side with more established names. A broad range of musical genres and new ways of using familiar spaces is presented in unity.

Among others you can experience six bands from Rock The Region Legacy Show 2017, Belgian OATHBREAKER, rap, electronic RnB and the festive transgender party band Royal Feet Factory – and so much more. At Officerspladsen, BKI provides you with coffee and music and Aarhus Music School presents a family program. Around the city, you can experience dancers in shining costumes guiding the way through the darkness like living lanterns. The party continues until 7 am.

See map here: